My Hero Academia Season 3 – Impressions

My Hero Academia Season 3


It’s finally time for the summer training camp at good old U.A. High School! The purpose of this training camp? To power up the Quirks of Class A and B! Deku, Bakugo, Ochako, Todoroki, Iida, and the rest work diligently to beef up their powers. During the training Deku meets Kota, a boy who has a grudge against Quirks. As it turns out, a villain killed Kota parents just a few months back.
To make matters worse, the League of Villains has managed to track down and attack the camp. While this is going on, Kota hides in a little mountain cave by himself but ends up facing the villain Muscular. In an attempt to save Kota, Deku rushes off and gets embroiled in a life or death battle with Muscular!


Season 3 of My Hero Academia continues on exactly what fans love about the show. It’s nothing that’s never seen before: a boy hero aspiring towards greatness, thrown into a hopeless situation where using guts and relentless determination manages to turn the odds in his favor and save the day. That doesn’t matter When Deku literally destroys his arm blocking Muscular onslaught, and Deku screams out “1000000% DELWARE DETROIT SMASH”, sending Muscular hurling into a wall, you just can’t help but laugh in giddy excitement, watching Deku overcome this seemingly impossible wall with the terribly on-the-nose imagery of the stars representing each generation of All-for-One passing down onto him, unsubtly comparing him the same situation All-Might was in during season 1.


It’s really the cinematography that’s been My Hero Academia’s greatest strength since the beginning. When Deku’s blocks Muscular during the fight, the camera captures the same level of energy as the action on screen. Whirling around their bulky bodies as Muscular sinks Deku into the ground like a kid eagerly running around in circles during a sugar rush and unable to calm down. It’s just as excited as we are, and when Deku finally connects, you get that satisfying extreme close-up of Muscular’s face getting punched in, and the camera lingers just long enough to let you absorb the blow.

As we stated, no, it’s absolutely nothing new. In fact, it’s actually kind of contrived that Muscular would just HAPPEN to go where Kota is. Not just that but Muscular JUST so happen to be the villain who killed Kota’s parents. That’s not important. You just want to see Muscular get beaten down because of how absolutely unapologetic he is in his murderousness, and subsequently want to see Deku overcome these odds because you’ve already grown so attached to him. It’s not revolutionary, but as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Final Thoughts

My Hero Academia is shaping up to be the exact shounen action series that people have been dying for. If the first two seasons didn’t convince you before, then Season 3 isn’t going to change your mind. The only real concern we have for this season is that Deku’s big fight is out of the way. It feels like we’ve already hit the emotional climax of the arc, and watching the other students get their fights in won’t be quite as satisfying.
But ultimately, Season 3 is exactly what we’ve come to love in my My Hero Academia.