Yotsuba Expo Tokyo Station – Report

Yotsuba Expo

“Today is always the most enjoyable day”

In celebration of the release of Yotsuba&! 14th volume, fans were given the chance to attend the Yotsuba Expo with original manga manuscripts by Kiyohiko Azuma.


The series has found worldwide success, with over 3 million copies sold between 13 languages. As a result, Yotsuba has become a recognizable character worldwide.

The Yotsuba expo was easy to identify from afar. This because fans that went to Tokyo Station were greeted by dozens of cheerful displays of Yotsuba. Within these displays one could find the manuscripts of the manga.

Readers will be quick to notice that this is same location in which Yotsuba reaches Tokyo via Shinkansen in volume 14.


The exposition allowed visitors to see Azuma work up and close. Due to this, it was possible to not just to notice all details put into bringing the world of Yotsuba to life. Not only that, but it was also possible to see Azuma’s notes and corrections.

The Yotsuba Expo was an unique chance for fans of Yotsuba! And since the exposition was within Tokyo station, anyone could see it for the low price of a train ticket.

If you didn’t get the change to go to Yotsuba Expo, you can check out our gallery for a small taste.


Location: Tokyo Station
Date: 4/30-5/6