Fist of the North Star – 35th anniversary Stamp Collection

Fist of North star stamp collection



Fist of the North Star is perhaps one of Jump most iconic series.
And to celebrate its 35th anniversary, Japan Post has announced a commemorative stamp collection!

Not only that, but they’ve brought Kenshiro to the central post office in Tokyo!



Omae wa mou sindeiru!
You are already dead

The first thing you notice as you arrive is Kenshiro imposing figures. For a few moments, you might even confuse it for the real Kenshiro!
For better or worse, it’s just an adult figure of Kenshiro.

Near it, you can find bubble speech, with some of Kenshiro most famous phrases. Including the classic “You are already dead!”.


Kenshiro was not the only one to show himself at this event!
Raoh was also present!
Not just that, but the exposition invites you to become Raoh!


Unfortunately, the exposition was small, and besides this, there was only a small collection of artworks to be enjoyed.


Date: 23rd April – 11th May

Location: Tokyo Central Post Office, 2 Chome-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-8994

Source: JP Post