The Good Life Funded!

Back in October of 2017, beloved cult game director SWERY set up an attempt to crowdfund his pet project The Good Life over Fig with a goal of around $1,500,000. It promised to a return of what fans loved about his prior work, Deadly Premonitions, with a combination of sandbox gameplay set in a small townside with a mix of the supernatural. Sadly, The Good Life did not get funded during that session.

Swery and his team at White Owls Inc. did not give up on their dre

am though and began a second campaign on Kickstarter on March 26th, 2018. The new goal was set at 68,000,000 Yen (or around $620,000). 60% of the overall funding is set to be handled by outside funding, which explained the lower target goal. In addition to a new trailer, potential investors were also given a prototype of The Good Life to mess around with to get a feel for the game themselves.

A good ending

The Good Life has been fully funded! In the last 4 days of the campaign saw a massive uptick of donations. This is exciting news for fans of SWERY’s work! Initially let down when it seemed like a promising title was going to get ignored.

The Good Life is about the adventures of Naomi, a journalist hailing from New York. Naomi has found herself into some major debt and has to run away to Rainy Woods, a small village in the British countryside. There’s more to the village that meets the eye though, as at night, people turn into cats and dogs! Naomi is strangely included in this, but what’s even stranger is the rash of murders popping up. You’ll investigate while selling your photos for some quick cash to pay off her debt.

White Owls Inc. is currently targeting a November 2019 release date. We eagerly wait for the release!