Kirby Pupupu Train (Tokyo Station) – Report

Kiry Pupupu train tokyo station kirby switch game

Kirby’s has been a swordsman, a plumber, he’s even has been a train.
But did you know he is also a Station Master at Kirby Pupupu Train?



Just as you arrive at the central area of Tokyo Station character street, you’re greeted by a saluting Kirby. The adorable pink fluff has an adorable hat and a reminder of his authority over the station.

Behind him is a map of the transportation system in Planet Popstar.



You can see the planet green line, which is similar to the Yamanote line in Tokyo. The green line connects all the well known outer spots such as “Whispy Woods Forest”, “Float Islands”, “Mt. Dedede” and “Kirby House”. There are also several central transportation lines for all areas that would otherwise be out of reach, such as “Ripple Field” and “Vegetable Valley”.



However, Kirby was not the only one with a new job, another familiar face was also there! Waddle Dee also set up his own store within “Kirby Pupupu Train”!
Selling all sorts of food and sweets for all who visit!


Unfortunately neither Dedede or Metaknight where anywhere to be found.
Probably due to being too busy running as Osaka and Nagoya station masters.



Finally, the big attraction of Kirby PuPuPu Train was the variety of exclusive goods being sold. Starting with “Kirby PuPuPu Train” card cases to adorable  “Kirby Station Master” plushies, there was a varied range of merchandise for everyone.

This year event has unfortunately ended on the 9th of May, however do not lose hope!
Kirby PuPuPu Train had it’s debut in 2017, making this the second year that this event took place!  So it seems that this might be a yearly event.


Therefore, we will be waiting for the probable third event of Kirby PuPuPu Train in 2019.


Event: Kirby PuPuPu Train

Location: Tokyo, Osaka, and Naoya

Site: Official website