One Piece – Nefertari Vivi: Character Profile

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As the princess of Alabasta, Vivi had a fun, pleasant life growing up. Her father wasn’t too picky about her making friends with the other kids of the kingdom. Vivi even became the vice-captain of the Suna Suna Clan; Kohza’s made up a squadron of children that was mostly for fun. However, because of her experience with common kids, she grew to genuinely love her country. This meant that when Sir Crocodile came around looking to usurp the throne, Vivi took it upon herself to infiltrate his crew as a member of Baroque Works. She rose up the ranks up to Rank 9 under the guise Miss Wednesday. It was then when she had her fateful encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates.


Vivi post time skip

Vivi is fiercely determined and will do anything to save her people, even at the expense of herself. This even goes as far as to her childhood, where Vivi resisted the urge at Reverie to cry about Wapol blatantly shoving her out of the way. She instinctively knew that acting up would cause a rift between Alabasta and Drum Island, and didn’t want to endanger her people. Vivi was even will to go toe-to-toe with a Bananagator to save Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats from a cage, despite hardly being strong enough to fight.

However, that compassion is a bit of a double-edged sword for Vivi. She hates allowing people to die for her, but that very same love is exactly why people are willing to throw their lives away for her. Vivi couldn’t stand the fact that her friends in the Suna Suna Clan were throwing themselves at these adults and would have preferred had they just let her be captured, but that was all the more reason they wanted to fight for her. Luffy points out her hypocrisy before they set off to fight Crocodile, stating how foolish it is that she insists to be the one to fight him over Luffy.


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Kohza is Vivi’s oldest human friend. The two grew up together, even though things weren’t always sweet between them. In fact, Kohza didn’t really like Vivi at first, frustrated by his own lack of convictions and irritated that she’d call him a crybaby. However, after they fought, they became best friends. This gets torn apart once they grow up, as Kohza himself is leading the resistance in Alabasta to overthrow Vivi’s father as rule and put Crocodile in place. Thankfully, once Crocodile is exposed, Vivi doesn’t harbor any ill-will towards her friend.

Vivi Carue

Otherwise, Vivi’s constant companion is Carue, the giant duck that travels with her. The two have been together since they were children and are completely inseparable. Carue was even given an “X” on his wing to symbolize his bond with the rest of the Straw Hat crew along with Vivi. The two come in a pair; you don’t get one without the other.

Naturally, Vivi has an affinity with the rest of the Straw Hat crew. She feels eternally indebted for the risk they took to save Alabasta. And even though Robin was Crocodile’s right-hand, Vivi doesn’t begrudge her at all for joining up with Luffy and company. In fact, Vivi outright states that Robin must be a good person. She must be if the Straw hats went through such lengths to save her from Ennies Lobby. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats respect Vivi’s dedication to her country. Even though they love her, they’d never want to drag Vivi away from the land she adores so much.


Vivi Carue Goodbye X

With all the focus on the Straw Hat’s growing influence on the world of One Piece, it’s important to remember their first moment of global influence. Vivi’s symbolic of that first real, history-altering impact that the Straw Hats had on the world. The stopping of an entire civil war and beginning a conversation about the necessity of the Shichibukai. While the Pirate Alliance began with Law, Vivi was the first real ally the Straw Hats had. She could even be considered as a member of the crew, despite does not actually travel with them. After all, author Eiichiro Oda has given her an official crew number (5.5). Her own color theming (gold). Even her own animal interpretation (dove); details only given to the Straw Hats.

With the Reverie arc in full swing in the manga, we’re starting to see Vivi’s influence extend even further. We won’t spoil too much for anime-only watchers! But we can say that Vivi is finally reaching out to the other nations that the Straw Hat pirates have been saving over the years. She is at the center of all this! The one who’s putting forth the effort to unite all these countries in friendship through a common thread. Vivi may not have an official position on the crew, but if she did, it’d be the Straw Hat diplomat.