Smash History: Daisy

Daisy Super Smash brothers Ultimate



Unlike most everyone else in the Mario franchise, Daisy’s not actually from the Mushroom Kingdom. Daisy’s actually the princess of Sarasaland. A desert nation somewhere far away from the rest of the Mario crew. Sarasalanda appears to be based on certain areas of China. Initially, Daisy first appeared in Super Mario Land on the GameBoy as a replacement for Peach. She then went on to mostly show up in Mario spinoff off titles. Luigi was happy to have her as a caddy in NES Open Tournament Golf, but then after that Nintendo had seemingly retired the perky princess. However, Daisy had her glorious return 9 years later in Mario Tennis for the N64! From then on Daisy became a regular in Mario Spinoffs. Not just the Mario Sports line, but also showing up in Mario Party and even Mario Kart in recurring roles.

Why Daisy?


Daisy Mario Tennis SSBU


Most of the time, when people really want a character in Smash Bros, it’s because they want them to have their own completely unique moveset or identity. However, with Daisy, it was a bit different. It was really just one of those “Why haven’t they included her when she’d make an incredibly easy clone of Peach?” After all, her tomboyish personality was a hit with the diehard Mario fans, as it gave her just enough of an identity to make her stand out from boring nice girl Peach. Daisy would be the one character where no one would be upset if she just showed up as a clone.


Daisy Peach Mario Tennis


It was even more confusing when Peach had a color scheme in Super Smash Bros Melee that was identical to Daisy, yet did not acknowledge her in any way. This issue returned in Brawl. The lack of acknowledgment was even more baffling considering Wario introduced alternative costumes. Why not Daisy too? When Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U came out with alternate costumes that even changed the names of the character, like Olimar into Alph and Bowser Jr. into all seven of the Koopalings, it was clear something was up. Yet Peach didn’t even get her alternate Daisy colors.



Daisy SSBU


There’s not really a whole lot to say about Daisy’s moveset. After all, Daisy was introduced to solidify the concept of Echo Fighters to fans. If Lucina and Dark Pit were the only Echo Fighters, what would even be the point of the rebrand? Introducing Daisy right after these two made it clear what this new character type would be like; the exact same as an already existing character with different taunts, slightly different properties to their moves, and maybe a unique Final Smash. Which is fine! No one was really asking for much more from Daisy, to begin with.


As to what those properties could be, no one is quite sure. Unfortunately, the demos so far haven’t made Peach playable. Due to this, there’s no sense as to how Peach plays in Ultimate. If we were to chance a guess, we’d say that the main difference as to what would work differently with Daisy would be her Toad helpers. We have seen that they’re a different color from Peach’s. These toads have blue tops rather than red tops. This would make the most sense into how they’d act differently.

Final Thoughts


With the rebranding of clone characters into Echo Fighters, we’re glad to see some of the complaints about clone characters “taking up” spaces on the character roster. The whole reason clone characters were made was because they’re simple to create and are treated as a bonus. With the addition of Daisy to the cast, suddenly discussion has shifted from “Who’s getting into Smash”. Instead, it became; “Who’s getting into Smash as a new combatant and who’s getting in as an Echo Fighter?”. It’s clear now people view clones differently now, and it’s partially thanks to Daisy.


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