Ōkami Cafe – Report


Ōkami has been a fan favorite since it’s release in 2006 for the PS2. A Zelda-like game by the legendary Hideki Kamiya. Featuring a beautiful cell-shaded style emulating traditional Japanese art style, the game quickly gained a cult following. Unfortunately, the initial sales were disappointed, but the game has proven a solid seller across its release on many different platforms. Most recently on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Switch.


This year, Capcom brought the world of Amaterasu to life via a theme café at the Capcom Café. Featuring themed food and a lot of new merchandise for fans to buy!


We couldn’t miss the chance to go visit this themed café for ourselves!




The Okami Cafe was filled with beautiful prints of the game artwork, in addition to several Sakuras and, in the center of the room, an Amaterasu plushie.



Over the kitchen door, there was a gorgeous hand-scroll of Amaterasu.



As soon as you sit down you were given a paper sheet for with some more breathtaking art. We made sure that no food was put on it so we could take it home. For those that want to, Capcom Café offers the possibility of having this sheet laminated for a mere 100 yen!

Food & Drinks


Okami Menu


After sitting down, we were ready to order one of the many themed dishes of the Okami Café. Capcom Café offers an all-year-round classic menu with some themed food of it’s most famous series, such as Monster Hunter. But what brought us here was the Okami themed food!

We quickly decided to settle for an extremely sweet strawberry Amaterasu drink. In addition to that we also had a pinwheel drink. For these two drinks, we were also awarded two random coasters! Not only that but we got extremely lucky with our draw! We got both Amaterasu and Waka! The Goddess of luck must have been with us.


Okami goods


It wouldn’t be a themed café without themed goods!
For those lucky enough to go, they would have the chance to buy a large array of items, from t-shirts to themed mugs and even a beautiful white towel! Or if you were wanting something more accessible, you could also pick up some pens or A4 folders.


Unfortunately, the Okami café has already finished. But those looking for items can still find some of them available at the Capcom Cafe in Koshigaya-Laketown.