Smash History: Chrom


Chrom hasn’t had the easiest life, despite being royalty. His father earned a reputation as a power-hungry king, and now Chrom’s family seeks to redeem their name. His sister, Emmeryn, rules with a kind heart while Chrom leads the Shepards, a mercenary band. A chance encounter with Robin, a wandering mage, ends up changing the course of Chrom’s life forever!

Why He Was Requested

Chrom wasn’t really requested. Everyone just figured he was a given. There’s a perception in the Smash Bros community that each new Smash Bros game must include the hero from the most recent Fire Emblem game. A reliable leak predicted Mega Man, Villager, and Wii Fit trainer also mentioned Chrom. This rumor furthered the belief that Chrom was inevitable.

Chrom wings

But then something strange happened. In July of 2014, Nintendo unveiled 3 characters for Smash. There was Captain Falcon, a returning character, Lucina, a clone of Marth, and Robin as the main reveal. Instead, Chrom was regulated to Robin’s Final Smash. Sakurai would later mention that he did plan on Chrom originally but struggled in coming up with a unique move set. He was much too similar to Marth and Ike and didn’t have much potential.

Chrom attack

Chrom would go on to become the joke of the Smash Bros community; something of a “reverse Ridley”.  He was so predictable that he somehow failed to get him. Smash Bros for Wii U would even further the gag in the Palutena’s Guidance easter egg with Robin, where he’d get back Pit for mocking him as soon as Robin gets a Smash Ball. However, these gags only increased the demand for Chrom, as it almost seemed cruel to keep him out.


Chrom is an oddity among Echo Fighters. His moves, from his basic attacks to his specials, are all Roy’s. However, he got a variation of Ike’s Aether. However, Chrom’s version knocks his opponent into the air first before jumping. Light-elemental properties find their way into most of Chrom’s moves as well, completely in opposition to Roy’s fire blade.

Chrom attack

In a strange way, making Chrom an Echo only added to his uniqueness. Marth begat Roy, who got his attacking animations retooled in Smash Bros for Wii U. To take his place, Lucina got added as a straight clone of Marth. Fans figured Chrom would end up as an Ike Echo, but they were only partially right. Instead, he only further derived from Roy.

Final Thoughts

Chrom is the last of the expected fighters of Smash Bros. From here on, no one can really say who could possibly be in next. That’s what makes the Smash Bros hype cycle so exciting! The possibilities are now endless, as now the predictable entries are all here.