What MHA could Learn from Naruto: Rivarlies

In recent times My Hero Academia has been growing in popularity, bridging the gap between Shounen and American superhero comics.
Despite it’s popularity, there are some things it could learn from other classic manga such as Naruto. We look at one such case.


Deku x Bakugo

Rivals: Bakugo beats Deku

Deku relationship with Bakugo is not well established.

Growing up, Bakugo bullies Deku. We never see any positive interaction between both characters.

Even in Highschool, whenever Deku tries to reach out for Bakugo, he always reacts aggressively towards Deku.

It’s not until after their confrontation over All Mighty powers, that we actually see a somewhat friendly approach from Bakugo. But up to that point, their relationship is mostly defined by bullying. Which makes it hard to understand why Deku cares for Bakugo as a friend.

Naruto x Sasuke

Young Naruto and Sasuke
Young Naruto and Sasuke

Both Naruto and Sasuke initially hate each other, Naruto is envious of Sasuke and his standing in school. While Sasuke looks at Naruto with disdain.
However, they are forced to interact through missions, and we see them grow to respect each other by overcoming hardships together.

Naruto and Sasuke work together and even protect each other lives.

By the time the series sets the conflict between Naruto and Sasuke, we already saw both characters relationship grow. So it’s easy to understand why Naruto is set into saving Sasuke. Because, despite their conflicts, they were the only ones who truly ever understood each other.


Deku and Bakugo

Unfortunately, Deku relationship with Bakugo so far is hard to buy and somewhat superficial. The good news is that with the new arc we see Bakugo starting to respect Deku. Which might set a relationship that’s easier to relate to. We can only hope that My Hero Academia takes some inspiration from Naruto relationship with Sasuke to build up Deku and Bakugo relationship.