Eevee Exposition

Eevee fans received a special treat from Nintendo this past week! From September 1st to September 9th, Nintendo held an art exposition in the Roppongi district of Tokyo.


Eevee expo

Inside, fans could enjoy art by various famous Japanese artists for everyone’s favorite fox Pokemon and its evolutions. The event even included the original sketch work from the games!

There were various creative takes on how Eevee could look like. Including a piece of art made of nothing but cake! We wish we could had have a bit!

Food and goodies

Eevee ice cream
Some delicious Eevee ice-cream!

After enjoying art, fans could then enter the store area, which sold merchandise for the event. Everything from shirts, hand towels, and even cookies! Most importantly though, there was an art book collecting all of the works shown at the event sold for just 1500 yen. After shopping, shoppers were directed towards a cafe with delicious Eevee-themed ice cream.

Final thoughts

Overall, the EV event was a great event to get fans excited about the upcoming Pokemon Go! We hope this drives up interest because we just love the little guy!